Pushing other people's patches to gerrit

Jan Holesovsky kendy at collabora.com
Thu Jan 5 12:51:30 UTC 2017

Hi Jan,

Jan Iversen píše v Čt 05. 01. 2017 v 11:50 +0100:

> > Tested this yesterday evening and git commit --amend
> > (Murphy-)worked. IIRC, I committed a patch and tried to change the
> > author later. Don't remember what the exact problem was but in the
>> end only JanIV was able to help me.

Yeah, so it must have been the gerrit error message as I thought &
proposed to change the setting for Heiko in the other mail.

> I do not understand the reason why you submit patches on behalf of
> others. We want them to be part of the community, and that that they
> submit their own patches (with your or my guidance). You should mentor
> them to contribute, not do their work.

Please keep in mind that Heiko deals with much less technical people, so
from my point of view it is perfectly OK to go an extra mile & push the
1st patch for them when they eg. provide the design work itself via
bugzilla or the mailing list.  Think eg. of the design contest for
presentation templates we had some time ago, or similar cases.

Of course - this must not become an ongoing burden :-) - their 2nd patch
should go via gerrit.

Let's discuss at the ESC today; I'll accept if people think different or
it's not possible to set the setting just for Heiko of course.

> Just for information, I get often asked to submit a patch from new
> people, but I have so far not submitted any patches behalf of others.
> When e.g. a contributor makes an attachment to BZ, I write a comment
> and politely ask for a gerrit patch. Until now I have only had 1
> negative response with this way.

That's great to hear, and definitely the right way to handle the
developers of course.

All the best,

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