News on Xcode IDE, libre office now loads as 1 project, with modules etc.

jan iversen jani at
Thu Jan 5 18:23:41 UTC 2017

> On 5 Jan 2017, at 18:24, Alexander Thurgood <alex.thurgood at> wrote:
> Le 04/01/2017 à 18:30, Jan Iversen a écrit :
> OK, so I actually looked in the osx directory, and saw an xcodeproj file
> (folder).
There are 2 vcxproj directories, the new one is libreoffice.vcxproj

> If I open this up in XCode, I get a few warnings about architecture
> overrides and whether I want to have them corrected, but more importantly :
> - I only see the following modules listed under soffice : formula, sw,
> vcl, java and sc
> - an error is thrown in target with the line /opt/lo/bin/make
is sounds as if you opened the old vcxproj file, which are part of our repo and used for debugging.

Please run
make gbuildtojson
then zip workdir/Gbuildjson and mail it to me.

with the zip file I am hopefully able to reproduce youy none-object.

> which obviously doesn't exist (at least not on my system). I'm guessing
> that this needs to be corrected to just point to OSX system make.
The new vcxproj have target but they are not configured at all

if make xcode-ide-integration crashed it surely has not produced a libreoffice.vcxproj.

Looking forward to receive the zip file (mail it direct to jani at not to overload other mailboxes.

jan i

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