Libreoffice service fails in OBS (openSUSE)

Miklos Vajna vmiklos at
Thu Jan 5 21:11:18 UTC 2017


On Thu, Jan 05, 2017 at 11:11:31AM +0100, Tomáš Chvátal <tomas.chvatal at> wrote:
> It always reports the same prior the crash, see the attached file.
> Everytime I trigger it the result is the same.

I meant something like this:

diff --git a/postprocess/qa/services.cxx b/postprocess/qa/services.cxx
index 6e95c64..ea451c0 100644
--- a/postprocess/qa/services.cxx
+++ b/postprocess/qa/services.cxx
@@ -260,6 +260,9 @@ void Test::test() {
             == blacklist.end())
             if (i.second.constructors.empty()) {
+                std::cout
+                    << "trying to instantiate implementation \""
+                    << i.first << "\"\n";
                 if (i.second.accumulationBased) {
                         i.first, false, i.first, i.second.serviceNames, &comps);

I'm afraid your log only contains what is the last service that's not
instantiated before the crash, but that may be irrelevant.


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