Bug TDF#99097 - Call for reflection

Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Fri Jan 6 19:58:54 UTC 2017

Hi Pierre,

On Friday, 2016-12-30 06:24:27 -0500, Pierre Lepage wrote:

> StarBasic encodes "N" and "NN" as formats different
> from those of LO, but similar to VBA, ie "N" for minutes without 0 in prefix
> and "NN" for minutes With 0 in prefix.

Where does it do that? Could you provide a code pointer please?

> The first solution appears as a crutch. Coding for an exception will not
> resolve the source of confusion. Nevertheless, if this solution were to be
> implemented, the algorithm would have to distinguish between two situations
> of the codes: a) the codes are embedded in a time format string only in
> which case the interpretation of the N and NN codes would be in conformity
> To VBA, that is to say that N would code for minutes without 0 in prefix and
> NN would code for minutes with 0 in prefix; B) otherwise the codes would be
> interpreted as they are now, ie NN would code for the abbreviation of the
> name of the day and N would be ignored.

I'd refrain from such diversion in the number formatter code..

> The second solution appears more robust. The confusion would be definitively
> eliminated. It remains that the historical reason behind the choice of the
> letters NN and NNN rather than exclusively DDD and DDDD to codify an
> abbreviated and long day format is unknown to me. It is therefore possible
> that old files based on the current interpretation of the NN, NNN and NNNN
> codes will require corrections to rely solely on the DDD and DDDD codes.

Which also is not easily possible, because documents may use format
codes relying on the behavior, even worse use such format codes in
Calc's TEXT() spreadsheet function as argument.

> I included a Calc file summarizing the format codes for dates and time. The
> first tab is the current situation. The second tab is for the situation once
> the second solution is implemented.
> So, before going any further, I need to know the desired orientation for
> LibreOffice.

I'd change the StarBasic code to pass on modified format codes, H for
N and HH for NN.


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