ODF TC issue 2049 custom shape enhancement

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Sat Jan 14 15:34:15 UTC 2017

Hi all,

the ODF TC is going to discuss
The MS Office preset shapes have subpaths, which are lighten or darken, 
e.g. the shape type “Borders”, which is “quad-bevel” in LibreOffice. The 
issue is about adding a way to store such subpath information in the 
file. In ODF 1.2 it is not possible.

Apache OpenOffice does not store the information, but renders the shape 
depending on its type name. That works only for the preset shapes of 
OOXML. In LibreOffice this subpath information is stored as new path 
commands. LibreOffice uses an own namespace “drawooo” for that. This has 
been added by commits by Radek Doulik at 2012-01-11.

But the implementation is faulty, see
On the other hand there is the request for multiple colors for the 
enhanced-geometry, see

I can imagine this solution: Add a new attribute to the 
<draw:enhanced-geometry> element which carries a list of value pairs. 
Such pair has a factor from [0;1] for the degree of blending and a color 
value for the blending color. Such attribute would be able to carry the 
information needed for “lighten” and “darken”, but give the additional 
opportunity to implement color change in subpath.

My question, should ODF 1.3 follow the current LO way and add new path 
commands? Or do you like my other idea, or do you have a different idea?

Kind regards

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