LibreOffice Android for GSoC'17

Aleksandar Stefanović theonewithideas at
Fri Jan 20 18:33:06 UTC 2017


It is under active development if you actively develop on it ;)

On a serious note, it is under development, and you're always welcome to
contribute to the project. When you add a commit, add me to the reviewers
and I'll gladly review it.
There are two Android applications available: LO Viewer, which is the
"main" application, and Impress Remote, which is used for
remotely-controlling Impress presentations.
If you want to discuss potential changes that you want to introduce, but
you're unsure whether you should, or you have questions about the project,
I'm open for discussion.

2017-01-20 19:13 GMT+01:00 Jan Iversen <jani at>:

> Welcome.
> Hello,
> I'm looking forward to contributing in LibreOffice for GSoC'17.
> I'm good with Java and Android. I want to know if LibreOffice Android is
> under active development or not.
> It sure is, I have Aleksandar CC on the mail, I hope he can help you get
> started.
> Rgds
> jan I.
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