QuantLib addin for Calc

Lars Callenbach lcallenbach at web.de
Mon Jan 23 20:19:33 UTC 2017


QuantLib is a c++ library for financial calculations based on boost (ww
w.quantlib.org). On GitHub I have a first prototype for automatic addin
code generation of QuantLib functions and classes for Calc
(github.com/lcallenbach/quantlibaddin). I have two questions concering
addins for LibreOffice/Calc. 

1. The Excel addin for Quantlib defines about 1000 different addin
functions. "External" functions of LibreOffice/Calc can be assigned to
the category "Addin" only. Is it possible to get finer structures (e.g.
one for termstructures under the category "QL/TS", one for instruments
under the category "QL/INS" etc.)? A list of about 1000 functions
without any structure and with long names of addin functions to
distinguish them under "Addin" is not user friendly. 

2. Is it possible to provide binary packages for the QuantLib addin to
the community?

Do you have any comments/recommendations?

Kind regards, 

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