Usage of ActiveX in Libre Office at at
Fri Jan 27 16:07:55 UTC 2017

Am 25.01.2017 um 20:43 schrieb Bryan Quigley:
> Welcome and thanks for responding to notice!
> You're the first person (AFAICT) who has written in response to the
> deprecation notice.   My original intention was to remove it from the
> 5.2 release if we got no responses to that notice (that obviously
> hasn't happened).
> At this point the soonest release we could remove it from is 5.4
> (which might be around Aug 2017).  It's far from scheduled though.
> We really don't have much data to base this decision on, so I'll ask
> you instead.  Knowing keeping support has an impact on LibreOffice
> development, when do you think is reasonable for ActiveX support to be
> removed?

IMHO ActiveX (aka COM) is a major technology in Windows, even if it will 
not be developed further because of .NET. A lot of software packages 
using this technology and I believe it will never be removed from 
Windows. Even if it disappears completely from internet services it will 
stay under the hood of Windows.
But I also thought in the late 1970's that Pascal is the best 
programming language ever and will be the #1 in the future. Or when Java 
was introduced that this technology will die fast. So don't give too 
much on my opinion...

So I can't answer the question. If the automation bridge is removed, we 
will stay with the last supported version of LO until we decide to get a 
new ERP.

I didn't look into the code and I don't know how ActiveX is implemented. 
But if it doesn't need to be touched when something in UNO changes, is 
there a need to remove it?

> What Windows version are you running?

Windows 7

> Kind regards,
> Bryan
> [The whole original thread - quite long]
Best regards
J├Ârgen Pisarz

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