Adding LibreOffice as project using APR

Jan Iversen jani at
Mon Jul 3 19:09:07 UTC 2017

> AFAIK a (currently hypothetical) iOS port would presumably not be able
> to use neon due to its LGPL license and Apple App Store's copyleft
> licensing censorship regime, that's the main reason why the Serf module
> and its dependencies (APR/APR-util) still exist.
not that hypothetical at all, I am currently working on having LibreOfficeKit useable on iOS. the build system is giving me enough trouble (getting everything to link static) and now I have to worry about licenses as well.

> APR is a low-level OS abstraction library, and we already have the
> internal "sal" library for the same purpose, which is part of our public
> ABI so we can't get rid of it anyway; also with C++11's standard library
> additions a lot of this stuff is obsolete anyway.
Sounds like a good GSoC project APR -> SAL, SAL -> C++11 (where possible)

jan I.

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