Calc byte position text functions

Winfried Donkers winfried.libreoffice at
Tue Jul 4 13:46:46 UTC 2017

Hi Eike,

I'm trying to work on the missing byte position text functions 
(tdf107135, FINDB, REPLACEB and SERACHB), but I have problems testing them.

I have made REPLACEB and the results are identical with those for 
REPLACE, which I do not expect. Existing byte position text functions 
like LENB, LEFTB, RIGHTB also seem to produce the same results as LEN, 

I have constructed strings with CONCAT and some UNICHAR(value between 
1000 and 3000).

E.g. LENB( UNICHAR( 1048 ) ) returns 1 (I expected 2).

The unit tests for the existing byte position text functions don't help 
me, as they use string with normal 1-byte ASCII characters.

Are the byte position text function in LO meant to be identical with the 
corresponding 'standard' text functions? Are there other ways to produce 
multi-byte characters to test the byte position text functions?

Any help would be appreciated.


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