GSoC Weekly Report 4 & 5: LibreOffice for Android - Gautam Prajapati

Gautam Prajapati gautamprajapati06 at
Tue Jul 4 15:17:03 UTC 2017


During week 4, I completed the task of switching clang for Android
building. Link to the relevant patches:

   - - android: update to
   support building only with NDK>=15
   - - android: update
   for supporting Clang5.0
   - - android: Set clang as default
   compiler for building
   - - android: Remove GCC support for

I completed the GSoC evaluations and moved on to my next task which will
add NSS support to LO Android.

During week 5, I explored NSS library and tried to build it on my system
separately. Then enabled the NSS building for Android in our build system.
There were a lot of errors while building which I'm trying to resolve one
by one.

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