GSoC Weekly Report 6: LibreOffice for Android - Gautam Prajapati

Gautam Prajapati gautamprajapati06 at
Thu Jul 13 05:29:25 UTC 2017


During week 6, I worked on my task of building NSS(Network Security
Services) for LO Android.

For that, I first explored how to build standalone NSS on my linux desktop.
Turned out NSS is not very supportive of cross compiling for ARM. It works
well if the host and building platform are same(linux_x86-64 in my case).
NSS sources depend on NSPR which needs to be built first.

The week was spent in identifying the problems while cross-compiling NSPR
for ARM and solving them one by one. Hope is that NSS/NSPR upstream will
accept those changes.

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