Snap packages out of date

khanson679 khanson679 at
Sat Jul 15 07:59:59 UTC 2017

Apologies if this is the wrong place for this. Starting to get involved in
testing and such. Looking to do a parallel install, and the DEB parallel
install method looks rather nightmarish, so looking for alternatives. Since
the experimental AppImages
( are stuck on
5.4beta2 I thought the Snap version might include the release candidate. No
such luck. In fact, the edge and candidate channels are behind stable!

snap info libreoffice
  latest/stable: (21) 368MB -
  latest/candidate: (19) 375MB -
  latest/beta: (21) 368MB -
  latest/edge: (19) 375MB -

Any chance these could be updated?

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