Build failure with current master on MacOS

julien2412 serval2412 at
Mon Jul 24 09:54:23 UTC 2017

Hello Alex,

I hadn't built on MacOs since several weeks so I did these:
- updated MacOs to 10.12.6
- uninstalled XCode (which was 7.X.X version)
- deleted ~/Library/Developer/XCode
remark: I had overlooked this:
~/Library/Caches/ (see
- installed last XCode (8.3.3)
- runned "ccache -C"
- updated local repos : translations, dictionnaires, helpcontent in addition
of core
- runned "/opt/bin/make clean && ./ && /opt/bin/make" (since
default make is still 3.81, I used a more recent version 4.X)

Nevertheless, I also got an error but different from yours:
  [XSL] CustomTarget/officecfg/registry/officecfg/ucb/Store.hxx
[C  ] external/clew/source/clew.c
[OCC] apple_remote/source/KeyspanFrontRowControl.m
[OCC] apple_remote/source/AppleRemote.m
[OCC] apple_remote/source/RemoteControl.m
[OCC] apple_remote/source/RemoteControlContainer.m
[OCC] apple_remote/source/GlobalKeyboardDevice.m
[OCC] apple_remote/source/HIDRemoteControlDevice.m
[OCC] apple_remote/source/MultiClickRemoteBehavior.m
[OCC] apple_remote/source/RemoteMainController.m
[PKG] python3
/Users/XXX/lo/lode/dev/core/solenv/gbuild/ *** Something
depends on package python3 which does not exist..  Stop.

Indeed, I don't install Python 3 only 2.6 and 2.7 versions, but is it
necessary now to have version 3 ? (it wasn't before)


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