Build failure with current master on MacOS

julien2412 serval2412 at
Tue Jul 25 10:00:17 UTC 2017

Michael Stahl-2 wrote
> ...
> this should be fixed on master with commit
> 8c9ed261cb9201774943e438cf5394c1dcfa8c49

I confirm building works for me now.

Just some remarks about MacOs build and run:
1) soffice bin seems to be in a different location:
here's the result of find . -name "soffice*" in instdir:

2) still have these logs on console regularly:
warn:sal.osl.pipe:16183:1:sal/osl/unx/pipe.cxx:384: shutdown() failed:
Socket is not connected
warn:sal.osl.pipe:16183:3:sal/osl/unx/pipe.cxx:420: accept() failed:
Software caused connection abort
warn:sal.osl:16183:9:sal/osl/unx/socket.cxx:931: undefined address

3) bunch of these kind of logs:
CoreData: warning: dynamic accessors failed to find @property implementation
(according to forums, it seems a pure MacOs bug, not LO related)


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