master builds, starts but no UI

Jean-Baptiste Faure jbfaure at
Sun Mar 26 05:32:21 UTC 2017


I confirm that the problematic commit is;a=commitdiff;h=6903066822900a700ccf67ae70fa171c94644a9a

Related: rhbz#1334915 tdf#100158 hack using startcenter icon under

Conditions to reproduce :
1/ use Xorg
2/ use GTK3 vcl plugin

Arnaud said me on irc that it works if you are using Wayland

Best regards.

Le 25/03/2017 à 23:23, Jean-Baptiste Faure a écrit :
> Hi,
> Le 25/03/2017 à 09:20, Jean-Baptiste Faure a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I don't know if it is only me: current master builds without problem, it
>> starts but the UI does not show up and it does not crash, it does
>> nothing (CPU = 0%). Under gdb I see nothing I am able to interpret.
>> I am building under Ubuntu 16.04 x86-64
>> I encounter this problem one or two days, somewhere after the commit
>> 7a46166beb714a3357f7fb04111ba98f6325065f
>> I am currently bisecting.
> The StartCenter does not show up if you are not using Wayland.
> I guess that the problematic commit is :
> Related: rhbz#1334915 tdf#100158 hack using startcenter icon under wayland
> I am currently building the master to confirm that this commit is the
> first bad. Currently my first good is the next commit :
> (42870930e2a625766288edc3ba956c1bcac198f0 starmath: Fix memory leak at
> double sub/superscripts) and my first bad is the previous one
> (51efa8fb3f92de9f8c02d2cc4e3bffcaa5caee7f Notebookbar: move shortcuts if
> multiple rows of tabs)
> Best regards.

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