Moving away from tools module

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Mon May 1 23:21:27 UTC 2017

Chris Sherlock wrote:
> So this seems to be deprecated, and if we need *true* BigInt support
> we are better off with something like gmp?
Nah, what Michael is suggesting to check all call sites & perhaps just
move them to sal_Int64 where possible -

> Would this potentially be the candidate for an easy hack?
Yeah, why not. Do some sample changes & see, I'd say. And let's leave
the gmp discussion until the easier cases are done...

> There seem to be some ancillary functions not included in basegfx,
> is it worthwhile adding these to the color tools in basegfx?
Needs looking into the details - I would suspect ~none of that is
really needed outside vcl these days.

> Hey :-) yeah, Rectangle is quite remarkable... perhaps though this
> might be something for an easy hack?
> Rectangle, Point, etc are completely intertwined with the VCL
> though, is it worthwhile degunking the VCL module of the use of
> these classes?
Hmm, git grep tools::Rectangle | wc -l -> 9224 - so that's _much_ more
than just vcl. Would be great if someone could tackle that, but me
thinks that needs some serious planning / prototyping
before. Especially the invalidate/update/size calculations are all
over the place, and particularly delicate due to this bottom/right
line included/excluded subleties.


-- Thorsten
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