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You are as such not breaking a protocol, but I have added the list as CC, so that others can learn from the thread.

It is correct I worked on the Xcode integration, and have a solution that works partly. In the base version we simply call make for each step. I do think you refer to gbuild-to-ideNS which is called for Xcode.

I did however put that work aside a while ago, due to a change of priorities at TDF. I assume I will return to it, to make life easier for myself.

> In Xcode v8.2.1, those targets fail with message "Target specifies product type '', but there's no such product type for the 'macosx’ platform ». 
I am not sure the product type should be more correct would be  org.libreoffice.product-type.cppunit.

> I understand this product type is right and has been introduced purposefully, but how comes Xcode doesn’t know about it? (not defined in /Applications/ Types.xcspec,  which is consistent with the failure message). 
Because the reference to is not correct.

> Should it be part of the standard configuration of Xcode? Was it in a previous version? Should I somehow define or load it? I couldn’t find any reference to it in the Apple documentation, nor in the LibreOffice documentation, except for very old posts related to Xcode v3 or before, and clearly out of date.
I use Xcode 8.3 but to not run unit tests.

Please file a bug on <>

> I’ve successfully used cppunit with Xcode before, but always with targets using type « Command-line tool », which is obviously not the idea here. Any pointer or hint would be greatly appreciated.
This is what runs on my Mac (command-line tool is a simple make.

jan I.
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