MacOS build fail "SSE4.2 instruction set not enabled"

Tomaž Vajngerl quikee at
Thu May 11 10:01:02 UTC 2017


On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 10:17 AM, julien2412 <serval2412 at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I submitted a gerrit patch to bump Firebird to 3.0.2 (see
> MacOs build fails on Jenkins with these logs:
> In file included from
> /Users/tdf/lode/jenkins/workspace/lo_gerrit/Config/macosx_clang_dbgutil/workdir/UnpackedTarball/firebird/src/common/CRC32C.cpp:34:
> /Applications/
> error: "SSE4.2 instruction set not enabled"
> #error "SSE4.2 instruction set not enabled"
>  ^
> /Users/tdf/lode/jenkins/workspace/lo_gerrit/Config/macosx_clang_dbgutil/workdir/UnpackedTarball/firebird/src/common/CRC32C.cpp:41:10:
> error: use of undeclared identifier '_mm_crc32_u8'
>                 return _mm_crc32_u8(hash_value, *value);
> (idem with  _mm_crc32_u16 and  _mm_crc32_u32)
> Would it be possible to enable SSE4.2 on Jenkins MacOs machine or have we
> got some compatibility constraint to fulfil?

The file CRC32C.cpp must be compiled with compiler flag -msse4
otherwise you get such a compile error - I'm not sure how we compile
firebird but we will probably need to adapt this.

> Julien

Regards, Tomaž

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