Backward compatibility or valid input

Tamas Zolnai tamas.zolnai at
Fri May 12 17:20:34 UTC 2017

Hi there,

We've got an issue from an LO user about that LO does not import some tool generated Writer documents. I found that it's the same issue which was already reported here:
and was closed as won't fix. I'm not sure this was the right way to handle this bug. It was said that the documents are invalid, so LO don't need to import it properly. The problem with this argument is that in earlier versions LO used to import those documents without a problem.

I thought backward-compatibility is important in LO project (after that exhaustive discussion about API backward compatibility). This document was loaded in earlier versions properly and so this can be seen as a regression from the user point of view. I'm thinking of reverting this commit which changes LO behavior:
Next to that, this commit causes a regression, it also a bit weird actually, since it still allows to have two frames with the same name (which was said to be invalid). It drops duplicated frames only from the third duplicate. So LO still accept invalid documents, which inconsistency makes LO behavior more unpredictable. I think the best would be to revert this commit and try to find an other fix for the issue for which this commit was added as a workaround (I expect this was a workaround since commit message speaks about crash and loading time which can be fixed only indirectly by droping some content).

Caolan, I don't see a bug number in the commit message. So I don't know what was the actual test case there. Do you remember something about what was the issue? Maybe we can find a better solution for that.


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