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Sun May 21 11:22:50 UTC 2017

> On 19 May 2017, at 1:02 am, Michael Meeks <michael.meeks at collabora.com> wrote:
> * Commit Access
>    + Cosmetic change issues – churning code without much benefit
>       + asked to avoid this, but this continues.
>    + write a last warning ? (Michael)
>       + always a balance between cosmetic and functional changes (Miklos)
>          + might help.
>       + ok with last warning (Stephan)
>       => do that (Michael)

Warning received. FWIW, I was working through the underlying codebase, and I’ve been focussing on unit tests and looking at how the code works for my book, some of this code made my eyes bleed but I understand this is controversial enough for a warning. 

In my defence, I’ve been attempting to fix up unit test code, but I acknowledge I’ve made a number of errors along the way. Some of them have been unforced, some of them I just didn’t notice the message on gerrit, and others I just didn’t realise it was controversial or even problematic. Not many folks look at the OSL codebase from what I could see, and there are some issues that I’ve noticed as I’ve read the code. 

In terms of whitespacing causing issues in git archaeology, I thought git had options to help with this sort of thing, so if that’s a major issue then is there something stopping us from using this? If it’s just a style issue, again in my (partial) defense there were things like a function that was completely unindented. Surely nobody is all that upset that I indented that?

Anyway, all that said - I acknowledge the issue and I’ll submit any changes to gerrit. I’ve tried to bunch up the changes in one go as was requested of me as well. 

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