GSoC | Community bonding week-3

Aditya Dewan callmedewan at
Mon May 22 13:39:28 UTC 2017


I am working on improving LibreOffice online as my GSoC project. I am being
mentored by Pranav Kant, Jan Holesovsky and Micheal Meeks.

Last week, i worked on the following bugs and enhancements.

1. Fixed the memory graph in admin console. (merged)
2. Fixed an issue about zoom resetting on resize. (merged)
3. Added feature to indicate whether a document is modified or not. (in
other than that, i also set up wopi storage and integrated it with
libreoffice online instance.

You can have a look at my patches at https://gerrit.libreoffice.

This week, i intend to work(at least) on the following:
1. Adding "Save as" functionality
2. Introducing new charts for CPU load in the admin console

Aditya Dewan
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