Ios build call a package "curl" (not the exe).

Jan Iversen jani at
Mon May 22 16:14:52 UTC 2017

> but the problem is that the package is not defined i.e.
> external/curl/ is not read, because CURL is not
> in BUILD_TYPE, because of this bit of
> elif test $_os = iOS; then
>    # Let's see if we need curl, I think not?
>    AC_MSG_RESULT([none])
> that was added in 2013.
hmmm strange, I updated my iOS master about 1 month ago and compiled without problems.
> so perhaps meanwhile there are new uses of curl that are not optional
> even on iOS? maybe the ENABLE_CURL thing can be removed?
That sound logical, I have had a look at git log for the last month, but cannot see any relevant commits.

thanks for the  hint, I will play with and see if I can find a solution.

jan I.

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