Failing tests on openSUSE

Rene Engelhard rene at
Wed May 24 12:33:03 UTC 2017


On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 02:23:28PM +0200, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 02:15:52PM +0200, Markus Mohrhard wrote:
> >    All tests in master should pass a --with-fonts=no build. See e.g.
> >    [3]
> Apparently not, as this case showed. :)
> You didn't happen to have dejavu installed somehow there?
> (That patch already is in master and libreoffice-5-4 FTR) shows:

checking font mapping for 'Calibri'... configure: WARNING: unknown (Cantarell-Regular.otf)
checking font mapping for 'DejaVuSans'... ok
configure: WARNING: Unknown font mappings - unit tests disabled.

so it just happens to work(tm) given the missing of Calibri disables that test and
DejavuSans is there.



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