DesktopLOKTest::testRedlineWriter is failing

David Ostrovsky d.ostrovsky at
Wed May 31 07:32:45 UTC 2017

Hi Miklos,

On Wed May 31 07:13:35 UTC 2017, Miklos Vajna wrote:

>On Wed, 2017-05-31 at 08:17 +0200, David Ostrovsky wrote:
> >On most recent master one test is failing here:
> >
> >Test name: DesktopLOKTest::testRedlineWriter

> I added that test on 2016-08-17, I assume it was working up to the
> recent past? If so, can you bisect which commit started to fail for

Actually I'm not sure it ever worked here. I wasn't following the
master recently and upgraded the OpenSUSE here to 42.2, so not sure
what caused this breakage. I will try see if the very first version of
this test, back to 2016-08-17 works here.

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