Gerrit Code-Review +1 / -1

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Thu Nov 2 17:19:09 UTC 2017


I have no idea who has enough karma to actually do changes to the
gerrit and jenkins config, so I'm CC'ing Guilhem + Christian; do you
have an advice?

I've done the research 'what needs to be done', and I think it is no
rocket science ;-) - but also CC'ing David for sanity check.

We need:

1) Code-Style label in gerrit

2) Gerrit trigger to trigger the style checking itself

   [ I guess we already have this for our Jenkins builds. ]

3) Tool that does the style checking

   The following project does that for python, but reading the code,
   it can be easily extended / changed to trigger another tool for the

   [ more in ]

So - in case we agree to go ahead with the 'Code-Style' +1 / -1 in the
gerrit, who can actually deploy this? :-)

I think I'm happy enough to hack the 'lint' to copy there the magic
from the Miklos' git hook; the rest is hopefully ~just a setup...

[Of course, this does not implement the 'create new commit with linted
version' thing - but first things first ;-)]

All the best,

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