PRINTs landscape despite configured as portrait (Mac OS) (bug 92190)

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Mon Nov 13 13:12:05 UTC 2017

> I experimented with manually editing the .ppd file for my printer
> (/etc/cups/ppd/HP_LaserJet_1010___sniff.ppd in my case). I changed the
> "*DefaultPageSize: A4" line to use Letter and not A4.

Correction: I had also in System Preferences... > Printers & Scanners
changed the "Default paper size" to "US Letter". And in fact now it seems
that editing the PPD file was irrelevant, it was that System Preferences
... setting that helped reproducing the bug.

This is a good example of how difficult it is to carefully search for a way
to reproduce some bug... you tend to forget something you did, and think it
was something else that affected it.

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