Re-using Calc formula evaluation engine & emscripten/webassembly port

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> Hi,
> just registered here.
> I'm wondering if it is technically feasible to re-use the formula
> evaluation
> engine behind the spreadsheet as a standalone component (1) and if it would
> possible to use emscripten to target a webassembly binary (2).

(1) is not possible. Our formula engine is tightly coupled with the rest of
the spreadsheet code. Additionally it is not the cleanest code and has to
deal with many problems that are unique to LibreOffice. Kohei (one of the
experienced Calc developers) has been working in his free time on a clean
new implementation called ixion (
ixion/blob/master/ that has a more modern design. As long as you
only need the few features that the current code already provides this
might be a place to look for inspiration.

> The obvious reason is to be able to build a spreadsheet web component
> powered by a mature calculation engine.

(2) is currently not possible. I think CIB tried this but as far as I know
no current work is done in this direction. You can read a bit about the
work at


> Any opinion, comment, info or link would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Alessandro Petrozzelli
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