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Hi Aditya,

welcome to the LibreOffice project! We will try to make it your second home.

We have a couple of wiki pages around how to Get Involved [1]. Typically the first hurdle is to setup the environment, esp. under Windows. Feel free to ask at the various communication channels such as the developer's mailing list [2] (this one) or even better on IRC. 
We also have some information about GSoC on our wiki. As you said we expect you to prove your coding expertise first. To make the start easy we tag some issues in our bugtracker as 'easy hacks' [5]. Have a look what topic you like and fix it. Depending on your interests it makes sense to find a future mentor and let him review your patches. Ask on IRC who could be the right person.

If you need help to find out what's your interests are, ask me around UI/UX.

Howsoever, you should primarily have fun being part of a project with millions of happy users.

Heiko (UX mentor)


On 24.10.2017 15:30, Aditya Sahu wrote:
> Sir/Ma'am,
> This is in reference to GSOC'18.
> First, a little about me:
> I am a second year computer science 
> engineering student from India. I have programming experience of 3 years in C++ and C.
> I have not yet started to contribute to any Free and open source software till the date. But I'm looking forward to do so.
> I've been using LibreOffice open source softwares like writer, impress and many more for a long time and now I want to contribute towards an open source project, but before that I'd want to know a few things which are probably not mentioned in Libre's wiki page and other links since I want to enter GSOC'18 and also to make real use  of my programming skills. So here are my queries:
> 1.As far as I know, there are various ways in which a user can contribute to FOSS. One being bug finding, another being providing working codes, suggestion for enhancements, etc.
> In order to get into GSOC, which type of contribution should I make more? 
> 2. How many projects should I contribute to to get selected in GSOC?
> 3. If I make contributions to a project and it gets pulled into master, who would know that I did it? I mean will there be any proof of my successful contributions so that I can add it to my CV or something like that.
> 4. What is the magnitude of projects that I have to contribute? One, two, three or more? 
> 5. Do I need to create a project on behalf of LibreOffice before I apply for the program? Or do I have to do it alone..
> -
> That's all I had in mind. I apologize if I've asked a query whose answer is already mentioned on your website.. 
> I hope you answer to the queries; really important for career :-)
> Thanks!
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