ESC / Rome discussion ...

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Fri Oct 27 12:15:18 UTC 2017

Hi Thorsten,

Thorsten Behrens píše v St 25. 10. 2017 v 15:40 +0200:

> I did a short test, and it looks good (of course style is something
> > that can be discussed forever).
> > 
> Yep -
> there's another nit, see gerrit comment - I wonder if it's not a
> better idea to push those checking efforts into gerrit instead? I
> know
> some projects who use that rather extensively, also for style guides
> like naming conventions, documentation and the like.

I am not much a fan of having code rewritten between the time I check
my git log -p and between the push.

Having said that, it would be surely possible to create a bot similar
to Jenkins that would do the style checking - and if there's a diff, it
would push the modified version as an updated patch set :-)

Ie. no modification under the hands for people who use the style
checking themselves, but for those who don't do it, the bot would
rewrite their patch - does that work?

All the best,

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