[internal API] new LocaleDataWrapper::stringToDouble()

Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Fri Oct 27 21:20:08 UTC 2017



adds two new LocaleDataWrapper::stringToDouble() functions (one taking
a const OUString& and the other const sal_Unicode* for start and end).
For a detailed description see include/unotools/localedatawrapper.hxx

These should be used whenever a string with locale dependent decimal and
group separators is to be parsed as a floating-point number into
a double, instead of obtaining separators from a LocaleDataWrapper
instance and calling rtl::math::stringToDouble().

Background is that due to
now an alternative input decimal separator can be defined and these
functions take care of that.

I already changed existing places that called
rtl::math::stringToDouble() locale dependent, for example

SvNumberFormatter::IsNumberFormat() is also adapted, so places using
that need no change, same for cclass_Unicode::parseText() and thus
XCharacterClassification::parsePredefinedToken() and parseAnyToken() and
their class CharClass wrappers.

Also adapted are implementations in BASIC that use ImpGetIntntlSep().

Code that implements (why?) some own parsing likely has to be adjusted to
accept the alternative as well

Another thing I encountered was
connectivity/source/commontools/predicateinput.cxx that uses separators
obtained by getSeparatorChars(). I wasn't sure if and what change it
would need and the implications a change there would have.
Anyway, the OSQLParseNode::parseNodeToPredicateStr() used to translate
it back taking a casted (yuck) sal_Char separator looks crap and doesn't
work correctly with Arabic locales (and maybe others).

Happy Input.


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