Temporary files written to predetermined location during build

Anthony Youngman antlists at youngman.org.uk
Wed Sep 13 17:39:45 UTC 2017

On 11/09/17 10:07, Rene Engelhard wrote:
>> that definitely looks like a bug, it should create that inside some
>> random subdirectory..

> Yes, especially as/tmp/<something predictable> is (also) a security-related bug
> (possible symlink attack)..
> See alsohttp://bugs.debian.org/875415  which I just received...

My experience of /tmp is that most things seem to create and write to 
/tmp/username or similar - it's odd to write straight into /tmp.

And that I guess is what's behind the original bug reported - the first 
user obviously created a directory with permissions set for him, then 
the second user came along, tried to use the same directory, and without 
write permission the second build fell over. (Obviously, whether that 
happens depends on how fast the reaper reaps the contents of /tmp.)


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