odf2xhtml (and other xslt filters) - tabs or spaces?

Samuel Mehrbrodt Samuel.Mehrbrodt at cib.de
Thu Sep 14 14:17:59 UTC 2017

Am 12.09.2017 um 17:44 schrieb Jan Holesovsky:

But about the filter in general - please, what are the features that
the xhtml export filter can do that our 'normal' html filter cannot?

I wonder, rather than debugging / writing xslt, wouldn't it be better
to extend our html export so that it can generate xhtml if asked to (we
already fulfill many of the requirements there anyway - seems to me),
and kill the xslt filter? ;-)

I don't know in detail what the differences are, but notice that odf2xhtml is not our only xslt filter.
There is also UOF import/export and some other smaller pieces.

But sure, "we" can maybe teach the html export to also handle xhtml. But in this case "we" means anyone but me ;)

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