odf2xhtml (and other xslt filters) - tabs or spaces?

Samuel Mehrbrodt Samuel.Mehrbrodt at cib.de
Thu Sep 14 14:24:29 UTC 2017

So it seems the general consent is to move ahead with spaces instead of

I updated the patch accordingly, and applied it to all XSLT files:

I wonder whether we should credit such patches to a virtual "Cleanup"
author, so we don't spoil the stats with such commits?


Am 06.09.2017 um 16:35 schrieb Samuel Mehrbrodt:
> Hi,
> our xhtml export originally used tabs for indentation. Over time some
> changes were made which were indented with spaces.
> So currently it's a mix of both. I'd like to unify it and as the
> majority was tabs, I converted all to tabs:
> https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/41009/
> Miklos suggested to convert all to 4 spaces instead as we do in C++
> code.The downside is that converting to spaces touches almost all lines,
> while this touches only a few.
> Are there any opinions on this?
> Thedecision should then be applied to all xslt filters in
> filter/source/xslt. The situation looks to be the same for othersthere
> (mainly tabs, mixed with a few spaces).
> Thanks
> Samuel

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