Red Line (Track Changes) Geometry

Aud Wyvern awyvern1983 at
Sun Sep 17 10:50:13 UTC 2017


I'm trying to change the thickness of the 'redline' that appears in the 
margin to show a line that has changed. I've altered the geometries in 
SwMarkPreview::Paint() in optpage.cxx but this does not seem to be the 
right place as even placing a return at the start of this method seems 
to have no effect on the output. I'd appreciate a pointer to the correct 
area in the code.




The track changes red line in the margins is perfectly visible on my 
screen, but when printed or converted to pdf, it outputs very thinly, I 
think as a 'hairline'. I suspect my printer printer driver interprets 
this literally and the resulting line is barely visible on paper, and 
hence not much use. I thought others might have this problem, so I 
thought I'd try hacking the code to fix it, by allowing the line style 
to be adjusted (or at least hacked to 2pt). Sorry, it's my first time 
editing libreoffice.

I'm using Ubuntu 17.04;
Help About says: Version:
I run the compiled code using: instdir/program/soffice --writer
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