problem with configuration of owncloud and collabora office

Pranav Kant pranav913 at
Wed Sep 20 07:33:40 UTC 2017


If you could tell some more information including loolwsd logs or owncloud
logs, that would be great.

What exactly do you see in the browser? Do you see any message there?

You should also consider checking loolwsd logs and see if you find any
error there. It should give useful hints.

On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 9:14 PM, Iván otero <ivanoterouvigo at>

> Hi Pranav!
> Please to meet you.
> I need some help with configuration.
> Now I can create documents with owncloud. Documents of collabora office
> but I can't open it.
> Could you send me any suggestion?
> --
> *Iván Otero González*
> Skype: ivanoterouvigo
> ivanoterouvigo at
> *AtlantTIC*
> Research Line : Education and online learning
> *Research Center for Information & Communition Technologies*
> Universidade de Vigo

Pranav Kant
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