Attention: Gerrit Jenkins build queue got purged

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Thu Sep 21 10:54:06 UTC 2017

On 21.09.2017 09:19, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> The problematic commit was reportedly 
> <> 
> "ofz#2538 avoid oom" (2017-09-19 12:50:17, GMT), which should be fixed 
> with 
> <> 
> "sc: fix infinite loop in XclImpDffConverter::ProcessShGrContainer()" 
> (2017-09-19 20:18:44, GMT).  Please try to avoid pushing new patch sets 
> to Gerrit based on master between those two commits.
> If one of your Gerrit patch sets was affected by the purge, it should 
> have received a "No Builds Executed" comment from Jenkins now.  You can 
> manually re-submit it by doing a rebase.

would it be possible to configure jenkins so that it has a blacklist of
commit ranges where it checks that the commit to be tested has commit X
as an ancestor but not commit Y and to immediately generate a "build
failure, please rebase" error in that case?

i guess this could be done either in the central control service (if
that is able to access git repos) or in the individual builders (if
there is a way to automatically push out the blacklist to them), but i
have only very vague idea how jenkins works...

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