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On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 4:30 PM, Mike Saunders
<mike.saunders at> wrote:
> Hello,
> From the recent ESC minutes:
>> + Android
>>     + not rendering anything except blankness & white-ness
>>     + some fixes went in nevertheless, but blocking a new release.
>>     + Tomaz may have a clue – bisected to a specific commit
>>     + should we build a bibisect repo ? (Michael)
>>          + compression and/or signature a problem (Kendy)
> With this, and the recent great work GSoC students did on new features,
> is there anything we can do to help move this on? For instance, I could
> work with Xisco on an Android app Bug Hunting Sesson, if it made sense,
> pointing people to the latest .apk and showing how to use it (or in an
> emulator). Or try some other methods for getting budding Android
> developers involved and looking at the code (eg maybe with Shinnok?)

Generally there are 2 major bugs that need to be fixed. One that
causes the problem with rendering (discussed in the ESC), which we
know the commit that caused it [1]. The second one is related to
fonts/text, where freetype for some reason dereferences a null pointer
and the app crashes. This happens mostly when the "wrong" font is used
(doesn't happen with all fonts) and is probably related to some change
done when we transitioned to common text layout or it could also be a
bug in freetype. I need to track this one down but currently I have my
hands full..

Until this two bugs are fixed it doesn't make much sense to have a bug
hunting session as they would make hunting of other bugs than this two
very hard.

> Just some thoughts. It would be awesome to have a new release available
> on the Play Store in time for LO 6.0, but I know that it'll be ready
> when it's ready :-)

Sure, I hope we'll stabilize the app by then. I hope we'll be able to
drop the "Viewer" part from the name with 6.0 on... let's see.

> Thanks!


Tomaž Vajngerl

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