"Microsoft Excel Is Going Beyond Text and Numbers"

toki toki.kantoor at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 20:12:32 UTC 2018

On 04/01/2018 01:57 PM, the User BL wrote:

> To be compatibe to actual and future version of Excel this news could be interesting for you:

More formulas for those who think such things are indicators of how
good/bad a spreadsheet program is.

> USDinYEN(), EURinUSD(), CADtoUSD() or GBPtoEUR()

There was an extension for OOo that pulled exchange rates, and stock
prices from Yahoo. It worked until Yahoo decided to upgrade it, by
reducing functionality, capability, and overall usability of their
financial portal.

A recently released extension appears to offer the same functionality
--- I haven't played with it yet.

In terms of matching the exact functions, it would, in theory, be
possible to modify this recently released extension for each specific

Anybody up for USDinXBT, XAUtoUSD extensions?

I can't tell from the article description whether or not LibO currently
has an extension that offers similar functionality. There are a couple
of extension that might do so, but are currently limited to Europe. If
they are similar, then WorldWide coverage is mere grunt work in
transcribing _The CIA Fact Book_ to a database recognizable by the
extension. On the flipside, adding this data to a single extension, will
result in an extension that is a couple of hundred MB in size.

> So the new Excel will be the old Excel plus a big database in background, which will be permanent updated.

And as some of the comments over there pointed out, still not as useful
as Javelin was, back in the day.  Perhaps LibO should incorporate more
functionality that Javelin had, that current spreadsheets lack.


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