"Microsoft Excel Is Going Beyond Text and Numbers"

Thorsten Behrens thb at libreoffice.org
Wed Apr 4 21:31:37 UTC 2018

Hi *,

toki wrote:
> On 04/02/2018 09:48 AM, Heiko Tietze wrote:
> > Interesting question - filed a ticket in BZ 
> > 
> > https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=116744
Commented there, few more bits for this thread:

> From my perspective, it looks like Microsoft Excell 2019 is offering the
> following additional functionality:
> * Real Time Currency Exchange Rates;
> * Real Time Stock Market Data;
> * Historical Currency Exchange Rates;
> * Historical Stock Market Data;
> * Census data;
> * Scientific knowledge;
> * Political knowledge;
> * Geographical knowledge;
> * Sports knowlege;
> * General knowledge;
> * Pop Trivia --- everything not covered above;
Great list, thx for breaking it down!

> * Rewriting it for Currency Exchange data from XE.com is a possible
>   solution - user API key is required;
There's an until-the-beginning-of-EUR times archive for
EUR-vs-other-currencies archive, IIRC even with sell/buy/daily median
etc). Also, what about oanda.com?

I have some python code for the above, that we use for TDF's accounting.

(obligatory rant: _current_ exchange or stock market rates in
spreadsheet functions have close to zero practical value, and only
encourage people to do shitty accounting. Since you need to run your
spreadsheet recalc every day, and must _never_ trigger any
recalculation for older values _ever_)

> * I don't know what the rules are, for any current vendors of stock
> market data. I didn't use Get_Quote, because it didn't cover the stock
> exchange I tracked - each stock market probably needs its own extension.
A great opportunity to mine websites, and perhaps push for more open

> Census Data: Web scraping might be possible.
> * US Census data is available using the appropriate APIs. User key required;
> * I didn't look at census data for other countries;
> * Initially at least, create extensions that are country specific;
Sounds great to me.

> The following knowledge sets:
> * Scientific knowledge;
> * Political knowledge;
> * Geographical knowledge;
> * Sports knowledge;
> * General knowledge;
> * Pop Trivia --- everything not covered above;
> probably can be pulled, at least in part, from WikiData.
Do you have any further pointers for that? Perhaps let's expand in the
BZ issue linked above.


-- Thorsten
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