CppunitTest_sw_filters_test failing on x86 Linux

Luke Benes lukebenes at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 4 21:37:56 UTC 2018

After commit https://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/core/commit/?id=975884fbbc3f80a634258ee562037688a42027a9

ofz#7110 ensure join is called on std::exceptions as well as uno::Exception

Both gcc and clang are failing on my 32 bit Fedora box. The x86 Tinderboxes have also been failing since this commit. For a sample tinderbox log: https://tinderbox.libreoffice.org/cgi-bin/gunzip.cgi?tree=MASTER&full-log=1522779601.11309

The following is my build log: 

Testing file:///home/luke/core/sw/qa/core/data/ooxml/fail/EDB-36788-1.docx:
Tested file:///home/luke/core/sw/qa/core/data/ooxml/fail/EDB-36788-1.docx: Fail (277ms)
Testing file:///home/luke/core/sw/qa/core/data/ooxml/fail/ofz4825-1.docx:

No core file identified in directory /home/luke/core/workdir/CppunitTest/sw_filters_test.test.core
To show backtraces for crashes during test execution,
enable core files with:

   ulimit -c unlimited

Error: a unit test failed, please do one of:

make CppunitTest_sw_filters_test CPPUNITTRACE="gdb --args"
    # for interactive debugging on Linux

/home/luke/core/solenv/gbuild/CppunitTest.mk:114: recipe for target '/home/luke/core/workdir/CppunitTest/sw_filters_test.test' failed
make[1]: *** [/home/luke/core/workdir/CppunitTest/sw_filters_test.test] Error 1
Makefile:282: recipe for target 'build' failed
make: *** [build] Error 2

Note after several hours, I had to manually kill the CppunitTest processes as it appeared to be stuck in an infinite loop. Not sure if the Tinderboxes have a watchdog or are failing differently. 

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