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Wed Apr 4 22:09:19 UTC 2018

Hi Jörg,

thanks for the feedback, and great to hear you got LibreOffice

Jörg Kubitz wrote:
> 3. When saving the script with firefox its name is "bin_install_cygwin.ps1"
> (the prefix "bin_" is unwanted). Its not helpfull to know where to not store
> it. Instead the wiki should clearly tell where to store it
> (|C:\cyginstall\||install_cygwin.ps1)
Hmm, FWICT, you can put the script anywhere you want, _except_ inside
the cygwin dir?

> |4. Supported Platforms: What about windows? This document is about
> installing in windows but it doesnt say which windows Version but lists
> MacOs Versions.
Well, it lists cygwin there - that should imply Windows?

> 7. Using "Visual Studio 2017 ": configure wont find al.exe even though it is
> installed (in another sub directory then expected by /dev/core/configure
> script).
Can you post a patch to please?

> 8. Using "Visual Studio 2015 " (as suggested by [1]) Its not explained one
> will need to manually select feature "Programming language Visual C++". The
> error is "cl.exe not foun".
Added that.

> 9. (referenced in "lode\bin\" ) was down. Would
> help to have a mirror of all referenced files on a single server
Not really useful I think, will only lead to out-of-date
versions. Beyond that of course we can't even legally mirror all
prerequisites anyway.

> 10. After installing cygwin with |install_cygwin.ps1 |the packages flex, ant
> and zip are missing.  They are listed in the script and the script finished
> without error however i had to manually add them using
> "C:\cyginstall\packages\setup-x86_64.exe" Unclear which version i should
> choose (maybe cygwin did not know either?).
That is indeed a known bug, fixing that would be much appreciated! It
does seem to correlate with the mentioned packages being at the end of
their respective lines. Can you try to play with that, perhaps there's
a silent character or # of args limit?

BTW, ant is downloaded in another step, curious why you attribute that
to install_cygwin.ps1?

For the other points you make, would pointing to the 'Known Problems'
on [1] not solve that, so we don't need to duplicate content? E.g. I
never experienced the '\r' problem, so that might be a local config
change on your side?

> Finaly make is running now. I suggest to write a simpified "getting
> started" wiki for installing under windows without any unclear
> preconditions nor sidesteps.
So lode is the closest we have to that goal thus far. Perhaps you
would be interested in starting such an effort? I believe chocolatey
could be a starting point, they do provide visual studio, JDK etc
install targets, and seem to be reasonably well maintained.

Be warned though, that just like lode and the wiki page, this will be
a moving target.

> Or even supply a preconfigured VM image or Docker Container would be
> nice.
We have that for Linux (in the cloud, on request), and there's some
initial looking into For Windows, we obviously
cannot legally distribute such a thing.


-- Thorsten
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