[Libreoffice-qa] HSQLDB to Firebird migration

Xisco Fauli xiscofauli at libreoffice.org
Fri Apr 20 08:25:13 UTC 2018

Hello Florian,

El 19/04/18 a les 20:06, Florian Reisinger ha escrit:
> Hello everyone,
> Based on
> https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=116944#c42 a list
> of TODO items for the migration:
> I was told discussing this bug both on QA and DEV ML is okay.
> Some TODO items / things I had in mind :)
> - Converting HSQLDB databases from HSQLDB to Firebird should not be
> enabled by default in 6.1 -> Should be an experimental option.
> - Expert configuration entry should be added to force / ask / delay
> upgrade
> - In "RELEASE CONFIGURATION" builds default should be "delay", in
> others "ask".

Personally I would wait a bit longer to take that decision.
The hard code freeze for 6.1 is on week 29, in 13 weeks from now. I
guess we can always put it back to experimental mode if its state isn't
good enough to be the default one.
In 6.0, we did something similar with the threading feature


Xisco FaulĂ­
Libreoffice QA Team
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