tdf#69569 ODFFv1.2 part 2 incorrect

Winfried Donkers Winfried.Donkers at
Tue Dec 4 06:43:51 UTC 2018

Hi Eike,

> > c) The constraint date1 >= date2 is missing in §4.11.7.
> It's date1 <= date2, isn't it? As stated for the other procedures as
> "If date1> date2, then swap the values of date1 and date2."
> I think that's missing for procedure E.

Yes, it should be
" c) The constraint date1 <= date2 is missing in §4.11.7."

> > I have made logical diagrams to cheack that all possible combinations of
> date1 and date2 are covered - on the presumption that date1 >= date2.
> That date1 >= date2 confuses me, date1 <= date2?

Yes, it should be date1 <= date2. At last I was consistent in mie taping error.

> There's also a huge set of data available,
> generated by Excel. It is said it was used to create the Python script.
> If the script already implements the correct algorithm there's probably
> nothing to do, but if not and needs modification, could you please
> verify the change with that data? Might be easiest to try with that
> before setting up Calc for it. Also two .ods files with some edge cases
> are there.

I will use this data for testing and enhancing the unittest document.

> > If you agree with my conclusions, would it be possible that you submit a
> proposal for changing ODFF to reflect the above?
> > I think that a proposal from you is more effective than one from me ;-)
> Lol, I can do.

Great, I will start working on the code and testing, then.


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