LO integration in iOS Project

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Dec 6 23:18:05 UTC 2018

> I downloaded LO iOS project from git and tried to build but it did't
> succeeded
You need to describe in detail exactly what you did and in what way it did
not succeed for anybody to be able to help you.

Please note that the LibreOffice "core" repository contains a somewhat
outdated iOS app, "LibreOfficeLight", that nobody has been working on for
almost a year. In the "online" repository is a different app being
developed that is much more promising (although I must say here that I am
not objective here, it is I and my colleagues at Collabora Productivity who
work on that...). Read the ios/README file in the "online" repository.

The information in this email and in any files transmitted with it is
> intended only for the addressee and may contain confidential and/or
> privileged material.

Please avoid such silly disclaimers in email sent to a publicly archived
mailing list. There is no way the information in such email stays
confidential. It is available on several sites for anybody to read.

(Also, please don't respond to this email privately to me only. That is not
how Open Source works. But sure, if you want to buy consulting work related
to iOS and LibreOffice from Collabora Productivity, feel free to contact us

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