LibreOffice on macOS mojave 10.14

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Fri Dec 21 09:20:07 UTC 2018

> @Cloph, Which xcode was used to build LibreOffice ? if it was a
> recent one, could it be possible to downgrade it to 9.4.1 and rebuild
> ? We get new reports everyday...

One doesn't need to "downgrade" as such, one can have several versions
installed. Download the 9.4.1 .xip file from , let it unpack to,
rename that to (for instance), and then before building
LibreOffice, run: sudo xcode-select --switch
~/Downloads/ (or similar).

To switch back the the normal Xcode, run: sudo xcode-select --switch
/Applications/ .

But presumably this is not anything new...

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