Libre Office Installation Error

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Mon Dec 24 23:01:30 UTC 2018


On 24/12/2018 10.53, Komal Bharadiya wrote:
> After all this I tried cloning the repository directly from
> github(libreoffice/core repository):
> In this, after successful execution of ./, make command
> gives errors:
> *******************************************************************************
> This is what I get on terminal-
> komal at komal-Vostro-15-3568:~/core-master$ /usr/bin/make
> /bin/sh: 1: .: Can't open /home/komal/core-master/sources.ver
> Makefile:250: *** Error while retrieving $lo_sources_ver from
> /home/komal/core-master/sources.ver.  Stop.
> ********************************************************************************

A quick look at '' suggests that this message occurs when you
haven't cloned from git and the mentioned file does not exist.

Did you download as an archive from github rather than using 'git clone'?

As Mike already mentioned in the other thread, please try to get the
sources using one of the "official ways". [1] also mentions a way to
start by downloading an official tarball, should 'git clone' not work.
Please try using that one and the steps described there rather than
using some tarball from github.


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