OpenGrok for core

Justin Luth justin_luth at
Wed Dec 26 13:38:17 UTC 2018

<guilhem> kompi: upgraded on xmas night (as announced to status.tdf) but 
the index & history namespace changed so I had to trigger a full reindex 
(which is still ongoing for core)
11:28 <mikekaganski> Possibly core has not indexed yet (as the one 
largest opengrok project), since guilhem mentioned yesterday that 
reindexing takes place
11:29 <mikekaganski> oh
11:29 <guilhem> shouldn't have taken that long but I didn't foresee the 
namespace change and didn't notice until it was already too late
11:29 <mikekaganski> :-)
11:29 <guilhem> (the previous indexes are nuked)

11:33 <guilhem> threw more power at the vm but full indexing takes ages 
anyway, at the current pace it's unlikely to be done before the week-end :-(

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