easy hack #122280 help needed

Tej f20180020 at hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in
Thu Dec 27 13:36:09 UTC 2018


I'm a freshman studying computer science student at BITS Pilani 
Hyderabad Campus, India. I explored all the organisations for open 
source development and found my skills matching for the project ideas of 
Libreoffice organisation and  it would be my pleasure to contribute to 

In coming days ,I'm willing to explore more and dive deeper into the 
ideas. I'd be glad if you could share  some tips and suggestions so that 
I could get along with with the workflow faster.

Currently I have cloned the repositories, have built it successfully and 
am trying to fix easy hack #122280, which I have assigned to myself. 
However I am unable to find out exactly where the code resides which 
displays the actual drop down menu on right clicking.

My interpetation of the bug is that I simply have to remove the 'Block 
selection' option from the drop down menu, because I don't think it even 
exists in any other place besides the menu.

I would appreciate a few more code pointers and any other tips as 
currently I'm finding the code pretty difficult to understand.

Thanking you,

Tej Sukhatme.


this is the link to where the bug is documented.

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