m68k UnoApiTarget/udkapi.rdb build fails ("Bad input")

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at physik.fu-berlin.de
Tue Feb 6 21:43:53 UTC 2018


On 02/06/2018 10:29 PM, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> Don't have (and yes, I saw the build failure and your bug report).
> Quickly looked at the file, but tbh don't see why it should fail only on
> m68k (no idea about arch-specifics which can cause that, though).
> The latest round of m68k fixes (-mmlong-jump-table-offsets..) was done by
> John Paul Adrian Glaubitz, though, maybe he has an idea.

Yes, I will have a look at it at some point.

Please bear with me as I am very busy with many projects I am hacking on
to fix such bugs. We are still actively maintaining m68k in Debian and
these issues are being looked at.

It sometimes takes a bit time, so please do not put any pressure on us
in the sense that you are going to remove the m68k code altogether.


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